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Blue Ocean Strategy at Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola - Strategize Blue client

The Coca-Cola Company, a global leader in the beverage industry offers 400 brands in more than 200 countries, serving 1.6 billion servings daily.

Dr. Zunaira Munir led a strategy session as part of Coca-Cola’s Enterprise Leaders Program in Istanbul, Turkey. Her session focused on providing a compelling and insightful introduction to Blue Ocean Strategy tailored to Coca-Cola’s mid to upper-level executives. She shared contemporary examples and applications of blue ocean strategy effectively challenging Coca-Cola executives to re-evaluate their strategic mindset and envision a future of untapped market potential. Her engaging approach and profound insights were instrumental in helping Coca-Cola’s leaders understand and implement Blue Ocean Strategy, paving the way for innovative and sustainable growth.

"Your talk on Blue Ocean Strategy in Istanbul is a source of inspiration as we clarify our thinking about where we want to be and how we plan to get there.”

Michael Coombs

EVP, Coca-Cola

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